50th Episode Special

March 04, 2021 Season 3 Episode 50
50th Episode Special
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This is Episode 50 of The West Malvern Social Club Podcast (WMSCP) with Tyler Massey.
Bandcamp Friday is tomorrow the 5th of March 2021

Our featured artists are:

Aaron Lee Tasjan 

Pom Poko

Melt Yourself Down


Prince Fatty featuring Winston Francis

Ural Thomas & The Pain

Poquet featuring Toussaint Liberator + Aisling Iris

This Is The Kit

Matt Woosey

Nicky Jaques

Will Stratton

Mountain Man

The Magic Lantern

Lost Horizons featuring Karen Peris

The Flaming Lips

Monolithe Noir


der Mist 

John Lancaster 


Sam Coe & Pete Gow 

The Snowflakes 


Stephen Husbands

My daughters Lily and Bella have a horror movie podcast called Goreporium. Check it out if you're into laughing at scary movies.

If you want to be featured on a future episode, please email me

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Up All Night
Curly Romance
Boot and Spleen
Song For Alien
Dry Your Tears
No Distance (Between You and Me)
Dragon III
Solid Grease
Let's Move
Ada's Sweet Song
This Is The Weather
Brother Eye
Pigeon Drum
Wolves Mate For Life
In My Dreams
Zero Hour Eleven
Rocks In The Basement
Newton's Cradle
Now That I'm Older
"The Field Report"
New Moon