Episode 47

February 11, 2021 Season 3 Episode 47
Episode 47
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This is Episode 47 of The West Malvern Social Club Podcast (WMSCP) with Tyler Massey.

WMSC LIVE with Connie Gordon & Tobias Robertson  / Saturday 20th February 8PM GMT
Hosted by TM

Our featured artists are:

Prince Fatty featuring Horseman 

The Nightingales (subject of the new film King Rocker)

Billy Nomates 

Jordan Dean 

Pom Poko 

Ural Thomas & The Pain

Van Hunt

This Is The Kit

The Islas 

Josh Kramer

Ane Brun

BC Camplight

Ida Wenøe

Ryley Walker

Iris DeMent

Big Little Lions

Josienne Clarke


Connie Gordon

Tobias Robertson

Laura Groves

Test Card Girl 

Newen Afrobeat

My daughters Lily and Bella have a horror movie podcast called Goreporium. Check it out if you're into laughing at scary movies.

If you want to be featured on a future episode, please email me.

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